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Automatic Driving Lessons

If you want to try learning in an automatic or would like refresher automatic driving lessons we now cover Bournemouth and all surrounding areas.

Tracey is a fantastic automatic driving instructor and covers all local areas. She is not only a driving instructor but also a life coach / hypnotherapist and is extra good with nervous or anxious pupils. She is a high grade and very experienced driving instructor.

Tracey is very popular and gets quite booked up so if you would like to book in with her, contact us now.

As with all of our lessons, we provide value for money driving tuition getting you through your test at your own pace, whether that is as quickly as possible or taking your time. Automatic lessons are £30 per hour.

This is Kath who passed her automatic driving test after just 19 hours of tuition with Tracey with absolutely zero driving faults (a clean sheet!). You can’t get better than that. And she was extremely nervous to begin with.

“Tracey's methodical techniques were easy to understand and apply. As a life coach and hypnotherapist she definitely improved my self confidence behind the wheel and for the first time I began to enjoy driving. I couldn't recommend her highly enough as a driving instructor.”
Jessica Pearson.


Tracey - automatic instructor

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