Apply for Provisional Licence

Our guide on how to apply for your Provisional Licence

How to apply for your Provisional Driving Licence

Before you begin your driving lessons you need to apply for your provisional driving licence! You can do this easily.

Apply online:

Click here to apply for your provisional driving licence

Apply by post:

You can apply by post. You can get the D1 application form from the Post Office, or the DVLA Form Ordering Service. When you send the D1 form off you also need to enclose the original documentation showing your identity, a passport style colour photograph, and the fee. The address to send the application to is:

DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AD.

Apply in person:

You can apply for your licence, in person, at a Post Office. They will charge you an additional £4 for this as it is classed as a ‘premium service’. Along with your application, you need to bring your identification, photograph and required fee. Staff at the Post Office will then check your application while you wait, return your ID to you and then send the application to the DVLA.

You can also apply in person at a local DVLA office. They provide the same service as the post office at the same cost, but they do not accept credit cards as payment.

Here is a list of local DVLA offices.