Jennifer's Driving School Instructor Franchise

Driving School Instructor Franchise in Bournemouth, Christchurch, Poole, Dorset and surrounding areas

I have had to stop taking on new pupils due to such high demand, and waiting lists getting too long and hard to manage.

I am able to take on new instructors on a franchise basis. I look for friendly, warm people with a good sense of humour! I would only take instructors on if there is enough work to go around for all the instructors (which there always is!). 

I am a very honest person and am proud to put my name to my driving school, which gets up to a thousand pupil enquiries every month, most of which have to be turned away due to all instructors being fully booked. I want anyone who decides to take a franchise with me to be happy, that’s why there is:

No lengthy notice period
No expensive get out clauses
No pupil introduction fees
Very low weekly franchise fee: £72 per week

I don’t believe there are any other local schools with such a high reputation and able to guarantee immediate and constant work who offer this.

You will be in control of your business and diary at all times. The benefits of my franchise are:

• Unlimited new pupils supplied without charge – no pupil introduction fees.

• Free roof box which I would ask that you display when teaching pupils.

• Free advertising, including this website with excellent search engine optimisation and a high number of reviews leading to constant pupil demand which is always on overload.

• Free reception service: myself or my reception team will take new queries and pass them on to you to book in direct.

• No hidden charges, add-on costs or set-up fees. No long notice period required. That’s the confidence I have that you’ll be happy working for Jennifer’s Driving School. 

• 2 weeks franchise free per year.

• You are free to generate and keep your own pupils independent of Jennifer’s Driving School, but still use my advertising. 

• You work when you want, your life isn’t dictated by me. You are in charge of and keep your own diary and accounts. You are your own boss. There is no administration needed. I don’t keep an online diary for you, I find instructors generally prefer to run their own.

• Feel free to use whichever car you like, hired or bought. You choose model, colour etc, no restrictions.

• No limit to the supply of pupils I offer you – I will give you as many as I can and you would like, all for free. No additional fees for more than 2 or 3 pupils per week.

• You let me know when you want new pupils so I can continue to offer you the right pupils when you want them. Any new pupils suitable for you will be forwarded to you so you can arrange a suitable place and time for their lesson directly with them. If you do not want the pupil just let me know. You have full control over your pupil’s bookings.

What do I ask in return?

It is important that you help me keep Jennifer’s Driving School visible in the community by displaying my roof box whilst teaching. I also ask that you email me details of passes, comments and reviews you receive so they can be advertised on the website. This all helps me to keep the good reputation Jennifer’s Driving School has and therefore generate work for you. You must of course be suitably insured for the purpose of being a driving instructor. You must be able to maintain your vehicle yourself (servicing, repairs, fuel etc), and you are responsible for your own book-keeping. I obviously look for a responsible driving instructor who will be on time for lessons, respectful, professional and capable of maintaining a good reputation for Jennifer’s Driving School.

How much does a franchise cost?

You can benefit from all of the above for just £72 per week (under 2 hours’ work per week). Please email me on, and I will get back to you.