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Are we Properly Qualified?

This is a fair question, because believe it or not you do not have to be fully qualified in order to accept money and provide driving tuition. A lot of instructors, even working for the big companies such as BSM, are not fully qualified. They are (quite legally) working using a DSA trainee licence. You are not always told this however, and in order to check that your instructor is fully qualified and has passed all their exams and joined the ‘Register of approved driving instructors’, you must look out for a GREEN octagonal badge which will be displayed near the tax disc in the front windscreen of the tuition car. A trainee’s badge is pink. A badge must legally be displayed when an instructor is giving paid tuition, whether this is in their car or your own.

Below is a copy of my badge. This is your proof that you have a fully qualified driving instructor and its your guarantee that you will receive the highest quality driving tuition.

All of my instructors are fully qualified and their green badges are displayed in the windscreen! I do not have any trainees. Remember, a pink licence means someone is training on the job.

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