Pass Plus

Taking your Pass Plus Test improves your driving skills

Pass Plus Driving Lessons

Taking your Pass Plus course once you have passed your driving test has many benefits.

It will help you to become a more confident and safe driver, as well as save you money on your car insurance. The 6 modules include:

Town driving

All-weather driving

Driving out of town

Night driving

Driving on dual-carriageways

Driving on motorways

Each of the 6 modules will last the minimum of one hour each. More than one can be done at the same time. Best of all – there is no test at the end of it! We will sign each module off once you have completed it.

The cost of the pass plus driving course in Bournemouth is £200 for all 6 modules. The amount you could save from your driving insurance could be significantly more than this. Check with your insurance company how much you could save!

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Jennifer’s Driving School can provide Pass Plus driving lessons and issue you with your Pass Plus certificate in Bournemouth, Boscombe, Poole, Parkstone, Christchurch, Southbourne and all areas in between!