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“Really grateful to have learned with Sally, she not only prepares you to pass the test, but to be the best driver you can be! I’m sure I’ll remember lots of her advice for years to come! Thanks Sally!”

“would recommend Tony for his calm and collective teaching techniques. he was very patient whilst teaching me and if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t of passed 1st time whilst being 8 months pregnant! can’t recommend tony highly enough. :)”
Charlotte Warner

“After a bad experience with a driving instructor I was really nervous and scared of driving. Sally however was brilliant and help me gain confidence in driving and was so patient with teaching me. Overall Sally was brilliant and I can’t thank her enough.”
Luke Young

“My driving instructor Sally was amazing. She was so patient and friendly. Sally helped me to calm the nerves and anxiety I had towards driving. Could not have passed without her!
Kellen Foord

“With three children under 6 and a baby on the way, I was anxious to be safe on the road. I started and stopped with a couple of other instructors previously. I’m so grateful to Gary for giving me a strong foundation through my lessons. I always felt progression without feeling pressured. His confident, calm and friendly approach was very reassuring to me and his experience as an instructor really came across. I feel that he taught me to be a safe and observant driver for the long term, not just for the test day. Passing my test, and feeling secure with my foundation in driving will change my life and the lives of my family. Thank you Gary for your guidance in helping me achieve such an important goal.”

“Passed my test with Dave today, such a great instructor and had a good laugh too! Would highly recommend for anyone!”
Andrew Guildford

Such a massive thank you to Gary from Jennifer’s Driving school. I really couldn’t have done it without him! I was incredibly nervous about driving and taking my test but he was really patient with me and did everything he could to make me feel confident and at ease. He was a real enjoyable instructor to have and although I definitely will not miss being a learner, I will miss having lessons with him. I am so pleased that I passed today it’s the biggest relief and I am absolutely over the moon! Thank you Gary!!”
Louise White

“Started my driving lesson with Tony end of October- he was patient since it was my first time driving! I passed my test with Debbie, [Tony went travelling for a while] she’s a lovely instructor! every lesson was always a laugh, she helped me a lot from what I’ve started and boosted my confidence driving on the road! Deffo gonna miss driving with her and would definitely recommend her to do your lessons with! :)”
Jonas Alcid

“MASSIVE thanks to Dave who I passed my test second time with!! A great instructor who made kept me calm and confident whilst driving. Thank you so much!!”
Emily Wilson

“I have passed first time. I would like to say a massive thank you to Debbie and Tony. It was a pleasure to have both of you as my driving instructor. You’ve done well teaching me. I’m really happy.”
Jan Balolong

“I had driving lessons with Tom and I went from being nervous about driving to looking forward to my lessons. I passed the driving test with one minor fault. Always supportive and an incredibly good teacher, I would highly recommend.”
Naomi Cruikshank

“I had tom as an instructor and I am thankful I did, he was a great instructor so friendly and encouraging. With his guidance I managed to pass both my theory and practical driving test first time.”
Kieron goldrick

“Passed first time!!! I had only 3 hours lesson with Tony and that was more than enough, passed with 2 different minor faults. Thanks Tony for your help xx”
Efekan Akman

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Dave from Jennifer’s Driving School who helped me pass my driving test on Monday with only 3 minors! I have really enjoyed every driving lesson and have felt confident and relaxed each time. Dave was also really flexible with the lessons which was important for me as my lessons at uni are different every week. Thank you for all your help!
Isabella Lilley

“I would like to say a massive thank you to Tracey for everything. I passed my driving test first attempt with ZERO faults with her encouragement. I had had previous instructor before her and I hated driving. I always felt stressed before every lesson. I was completely anxious and panicky every minute while on driving. But Tracey helped me feel relaxed and confident. She completely changed my attitude towards driving. I will definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to be a good driver and pass the driving test. Thanks again Tracey for all your help and support for me to pass my driving test. You are great.”

“Want to tell many,many thanks for such a professional driving instructor-Tracey. She’s an easy going person, no matter what nationality you are. I passed my exam from first time. Would really recommend to everyone including those whose English is not main language. Best instructor. Many, many thanks Tracey.”
Natalya Filonova (from Kazakhstan)

“Massive thank you too Sally she was a great instructor very patient and helpful and I passed with only 2 minors!”
Jake Clarke

Tony thank you. Having lived and driven in Africa for the past 29 years where certain driving habits are necessary just to survive the rules of the road over there, here in England of course such habits would be illegal. Without your guidance all my driving survival habits where calmly tamed by Tony and his easy going presence and good sense of humour. Although on the day of the test, there was a seriousness from Tony and a few key insights that made a confident driver of 29 years slightly quiver. You were definitely what I needed to pass. Thank you so much. My son will be next to start his lessons with you. First time pass for him perhaps ? No pressure 😉
Greg Forster

“I moved to Bournemouth in September, and I decided to carry on my driving lessons, My instructor was Tom, he is an amazing instructor, takes it at a pace you’re comfortable with, really helpful, puts you at ease during your lessons and I managed to PASS FIRST TIME! So so happy! Thankyou so much Tom! I would highly recommend!”
Caitlan Hall

“PASSED 1st TIME!! SO HAPPY!!! This review is for Tony, my friend had recommended him, and I have to say he was brilliant! He is really easy to get on with and helps you feel relaxed whilst learning, and learning with him felt natural, we had a good laugh and he even put up with ‘stressy pregnancy’ moments! I couldn’t recommend him enough! Thank you again so so so much tony! All your help has been massively appreciated xx”
Jasmine Shergold

“I hadn’t driven in a very long time, and was a bit of a nervous driver. Sally was very patient with me, kept me motivated, and gave me extra lessons when I needed them to get me up to a good standard. She came up with some creative ways to help me progress when I hit a plateau. I’d highly recommend learning with Sally. I passed on my first attempt with 3 minors!”

“I would like to say a massive thank you to Sally for everything! I was so nervous before I started my lessons but with Sally I instantly felt comfortable. She is an amazing driving instructor, friendly and she helped me boost my confidence in a car. Would Highly recommend her to anyone. I’m so glad I got her. Thank you again and I will miss our Monday lessons! Best wishes x”
Jade Boyd

“I passed my driving test first time with three driving faults on Friday with Tom as my instructor. When I first began learning to drive and had a few experiences that massively knocked my confidence and I was really anxious about starting again with a new instructor. From the moment that I met Tom he made me feel relaxed and comfortable and I started to enjoy driving again and didn’t dread having driving lessons like I had previously. He was very easy to talk to but also recognised that I was quite a quiet person and talked to me in just the right amount. Thank you so much Tom for how you have made me have the confidence in myself, and I’m sorry I said sorry so much! :)”
Hannah Leaper

“Had a really great experience with Dave from Jennifer’s Driving School, and passed first time! Dave is a genuinely nice guy and I’ve enjoyed my lessons with him. I had had 2 instructors elsewhere before him and I hated driving – I always felt stressed and like I didn’t really know what I was doing, so never got around to booking a test. But Dave is super patient, straight forward, friendly and always gives you that bit of extra time to explain everything to you. I felt like he really cared about me as a student and wanted me to get the most out of every lesson, whereas with previous instructors if I got in the car at 8:02 I was back out at 9:02 on the dot. I genuinely couldn’t recommend him enough, he completely changed my attitude towards driving. Great value and a great guy.”
Charlotte Nisbet

“Debbie (Bournemouth) is a fantastic instructor. She gave me enough confidence. She is very energetic, optimist and got good teaching skill (both driving knowledge and handling people). Definitely would recommend Debbie if you are looking for motivating instructor.”
Arunkumar Maruthyan

“I completely lost my confidence with driving after passing my test 7 years ago, and had only driven a handful of times since. Getting a new job meant I needed to get back on the road and conquer my fears which was a very scary prospect. I decided to try Jennifer’s driving school after seeing all the positive reviews on facebook and that some of the instructors specialise in teaching nervous pupils. My instructor was Tom, and from the start he made me feel comfortable and at ease, and got me driving straight away with no fuss! Tom is clearly very experienced and gave lots of good advice. After 3 lessons, I was tackling motorways happily and even enjoying the drive – if you had said that to me 4 weeks ago I would never have believed you! Throughout Tom has been calm, reassuring and friendly, and I would highly recommend him and Jennifer’s driving school if you’re looking to get back on the road.”
Natasha M

“I was very pleased with my lessons with the instructor Tom. He was very patient and easy to get on with while driving. During our lessons I felt safe, relaxed and steadily moving closer to my passing after each lesson. I would highly recommend Tom as an instructor to everyone. Lessons definitely paid off!”
Justina Daraciute

“After failing multiple times i decided to contact Tom refered by one of my friend who previously passed with him. I find Tom to be very patient, very polite and best he makes you feel so relaxed while driving. He gave me time to instruct from his very busy schedule. I am so thankful to him and the way he tought me. Words are too less to describe my experience. I could pass my test in 1 attempt after switching to Tom. 5 star to Tom and Jennifer. Keep up the good work.”
Savy Choudhary

“I have been trying to get my driving nailed for 10 years and I can honestly say out of all the Driving instructors I have had DAVE at JENNIFER’S driving school is by far the best instructor I have ever had! Friendly, professional and patient he sailed me through my test in just over a month and was with me through it all and I cannot recommend him highly enough. Feel free to contact me if you’d like any more positive feedback on Jennifers Driving school – Thank you again Dave!”
Hannah Stevens

“After years of not driving in the UK and at the grand old age of 48 I finally decided to get some lessons and get my test done, as it had been nearly 10 years since my previous driving test. I found Jennifer’s driving school quite by chance going through a search engine where I spoke to Tony my instructor. Tony informed me he had been in the business 30 years, which was evident in his instruction. His attention to detail was second to none, we crossed all the T’s and dotted all the i’s. Unlike some of the UK’s bigger driving schools there was none of this “we recommend at least 20 lessons “ and going for a drive in the countryside. I booked my lessons on a weekly basis and got on with the task in hand. I happily passed last Thursday with only 2 minors. With such professional instruction I was more than ready for my test, a fail would have been down to extreme attack of nerves or a huge blunder on my part. As well as excellent instruction I’ve also had a great rapport this last couple of months, a thousand thanks Tony, I wish you well.”
Richard Rimmer

“Tracey is such a fantastic instructor, with her help I somehow managed to pass first time. She had so much faith in me which gave me the confidence to have some faith in myself. She made me feel incredibly comfortable and explained everything really well. I will definitely recommend Tracey to anyone looking for a driving instructor.”
Hayley Stanners

“Just finished my 30 hours with Tony passed first time! Top guy! Made it feel really easy and comfortable! Recommend to anyone who hasn’t had any experience! Thanks again!!”
Robb Trott

“If your thinking about learning to drive, you should choose Jennifer’s Driving School. I learned to drive with Tony and ended up really enjoying my lessons even though I felt quite anxious about learning to drive. He was funny and easy to get on with, and a very good instructor. I passed first time with only five minors. Thank you Tony!”
Holly Ganderton

“Had Tony for a driving instructor, just passed! Felt comfortable in the car and the banter was great. Really like his approach to driving and would recommend him to anyone.”
Charlotte Dawkins

“What can I say to add to the glowing reviews which convinced me to choose Tony to teach my daughter to drive. Only that 7 weeks after her 17th birthday she passed her test with 1 minor, for being polite to a bus driver! Tony was always on time and very flexible for college pick ups as she was taking exams at the time as well. My daughter really enjoyed her lessons and Tony was fun to learn with and most importantly she felt relaxed and was never nervous. He challenged her positively from the first lesson and was very supportive throughout the whole course and test. I would highly recommend Tony as an instructor and we will miss seeing him now my daughter has passed her test. Wishing you the very best of everything for the future Tony.”
Sarah-Jane Newman (Daughter Giselle)

“I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to Sally-the best ever driving instructor. Sally is such an amazing,friendly person,easy to get along with,she helped me to get my confidence in a car.She was so patient with me,she made me feel so relaxed,I enjoyed each lesson with Sally.I am so grateful for all her time and effort put into helping me learn.Thank you for everything Sally,thank you for your support.I’ll never forget our fun lessons that we had)))) Definetely will recommend Sally to everyone. Thanks a lot. I will miss our Tuesday’s lessons together xx”
Tanya Bayeva

“Big thankyou to tony ball for gefting me threw my test today with only 3 minors.always on time and had lots of fun learning with him.always patient and calm.would defo recomend tony at jeniffers.thanks again!”

“I would like to say a huge Thank You to My instructor Tracey who helped me to pass my driving test today, she is an amazing person, helped me and takes me to all available test routes in and out of Bournemouth and Poole, which given me a great confidence level on all routes to drive and practice well. I enjoyed learning with her. I started learning with Tony, since we have got an automatic car and my pregnancy i couldn’t complete with him, thank you Tony for your manual car lessons, that really helped me to drive an automatic car well. You are an amazing instructor. Thank you for your help. Then after 10 months i have started again my driving classes with Tracey. It was indeed a toughest route for me today, more of independent driving, and much more, but since of her well training i passed my test today. Thanks again Tracey for your help.”
Lumla Thomas

“Hi first I just want to say sorry for Tony to taking me so long to write this and say massive thank you !!  He is the best teacher and friend on the planet !!! I had a horrible experience with another driving school teacher, he made my life miserable, knocked my confidence dow completely and probably just wanted money, i should report him. But thanks to Tony I m driving know !!!  He probably won’t believe me , but when I drive around I always remember him, and his jokes, and all lovely lessons I had with him, I know I pass my test and I was happy but sad as well because I won’t se him anymore .  I recommend him to anyone first o not first drivers, because he could teach to drive even a dog 😀 yes , because he so good you won’t believe until you meet him!  He is so professionals lovely person even for most anxious people he could show the right way !!  P.s Tony if you reading this I hope you well, I will invite you for dinner soon (  I m  still waiting to my dining table to arrive :D) sorry for my English guys !!! TONY IS THE BEST”
Estela Travinaite

“Would definitely recommend this driving school! I had Tony as my instructor and he made me feel so relaxed whilst learning to drive, making my lessons enjoyable and stress-free!”

“I would definitely recommend Tony as an instructor, he has been a great instructor and helped me throughout my driving, made me more confident and is patient. He push my limits to help me drive better. Thank you Tony for all the help :)”
Kajal Halai

“Just passed my test today with Tony! Pleased to have had a great instructor, always on time and fun lessons.“
Charlotte, Bournemouth

“Hi Jennifer! Just wanted to say that I passed my test last week (20/04) for the first time with only 4 minors! I want to say a massive thank you to Sally, she is an incredible instructor and I am so grateful for all her time and effort put into helping me learn. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her! I was ridiculously lucky to have Sally as my instructor for a good long year and if I had to do it all again, there isn’t anyone else I would pick. She is patient, informative and more importantly she is so friendly and easy to get along with, and always had excellent feedback. It’s definitely worth getting on her waiting list. Thank you for everything Sally you’ve truly been amazing, I’ll miss our Wednesday mornings together haha!! Xx”
Jade Bates

“Tony was a great instructor who was very relaxed calm and helpful! Never wasted your time and made me feel confident and was very supportive – thanks so much!!”
Rosi Cooke

“Only had few times till my test, but still manage to pass my practical. Tony is a very good and helpful instructor always in time and I feel very supportive. I would totally recommend Tony as an instructor”
Kristin Joko

“Tony is a great instructor, always on time and offers a lot of clarity. He always put my nerves at ease and his chat made the environment more relaxed. I’d recommend him anyone looking to learn.”
Will Bailey

“TONY is a fantastic driving instructor, he knows how to get you on the road quickly and challenge you once you’re there. We spent very little time sitting idle talking what to do and when we did it was always in review of something i had just done (right or wrong, if there’s a better way to do it he’ll let you know.). He also manages to find just the right situations on the road for you to learn how to make practical decisions, fix any weaknesses and is on the mark if you screw up (So don’t worry about those double roundabouts!). I’ve spent plenty of hours behind the wheel with Tony, and i don’t feel like i wasted any of them (Especially considering I passed my practical today!). He’s also great with the banter too! THANKS TONY!!!!!”
Andre Byfield

“Just passed my test with Tony with 3 minors help me to relax made me feel good about my driving give me confidence was always on time would recommend Tony to anyone learning how to drive thanks Margaret-ann.”

“I would like to say a massive thank you to my instructor Tony, he was always very calm and patient with me. He always had confidence in my ability and had faith in me. He has a great sense of humour and always made my lessons very enjoyable. Thank you so much for helping me pass my test. I will definitely recommend him to anyone 🙂
Mark Lodge

“I learnt with Tony after having failed twice previous with some hideous instructors but Tony was excellent!!! He was really professional and patient with me and helped me drive with confidence. Highly recommended.”
Steph Loughran

“Just wanted to quickly say how brilliant Dave is as an instructor for your company, I had my first lessons with him after going with a different company and the difference was unparalleled, he was such a good teacher and taught me so much, thoroughly enjoyed every lesson, what an asset to your company he is!”

“Just wanted to say thanks to my instructor Dave so much! I passed my test today and couldn’t have done it without him. I used to dread my lessons with my old instructor but look forward to driving now! He was really patient and understanding and I enjoyed my lessons so much! I will definitely be recommending him to my friends! Thanks again!” 
Claudi Wan

“I have really enjoyed having tony as a driving instructor. It was a good laugh and I passed with 2 minors thanks to his great teaching! I would recommend him to any first drivers like I was and wish him the best of luck in the future! Cheers!!”
Sam Vale

“Hi Jennifer! Just wanted to say I passed my test this morning with Sally with only 3 minors! I am very grateful for the time and patience that Sally had with me, I don’t know what I would have done done without her! Thank you so much xx”
Kaitlin Mitchell

“I want to say a massive thank you to Sally. She is an incredible instructor, very patient and understanding. I don’t know what I would have done without her! Being on her waiting list was wort it! Look no further if you’re learning to drive. Thanks again Sally!”
Faith Glenister

“Hi Jennifer; I just wanted to say that I passed my test today with Tony. He is one of the most patient and knowledge people I know. He makes lessons fun and puts me at ease every time to calm my nerves. He is a great instructor who had faith in me from day 1. As much as I’m pleased I’ve passed; I will definitely miss Tony!”
Mya Harman

“I would like to say a big Thank you to Tony. He helped me pass my driving test on my 4th attempt, he is very calm and cool about things which helped me a lot, would recommend Tony to anyone. Thank you again.”
Anna Bournemouth

“Just wanted to say that I had an exceptional experience with Robert L who helped me pass my automatic driving test today! He’s a great instructor and made the process amazingly easy to get a 0-fault pass!”
Robert Wright

“Hi Jennifer, I just wanted to let you know that I passed my test yesterday with only 3 minors. I learnt with driving instructor Tony. He has been absolutely amazing the past few months, and after 4 years of on/off learning and various instructors I never thought I’d do it! Tony has got me from screaming when approaching roundabouts to feeling like a confident and safe driver. He is one of the nicest guys I have ever met and most definitely the best instructor. His calm, funny and friendly approach has been what I needed to pass (that and his constant reminders to MEERKAT when driving). I really enjoyed my lessons and they were worth EVERY PENNY (no wasting time to rip me off).  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”
Claire Wicks

“Just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU 🙂 I started my lessons having never been in the driving seat before.. I didn’t even know which pedal was which, let alone how to make the thing move! Tony, my instructor, managed to get me driving in no time and his faith in me made it easy to look forward to each lesson and believe I could do it! I am now a parallel park expert and thanks to Tony I have overcome my fear of roundabouts and passed my test with only 5 minors! Not only was Tony a fab teacher, ensuring I knew everything I needed for my test, he also has a great sense of humour and makes the lessons fun. I would definitely recommend him highly! Thank you Tony so much for teaching me this life changing skill and helping me start the New Year on what hopefully is an exciting new venture! 🙂 Best Wishes, P”
Poppy Rae

“Passed my practical test first time today. I had Sally for my instructor. Her teachings are A+ and then some. If I had to do it all again, I’d pick Sally for my instructor in a heartbeat. Thank you for everything.”
Matt Raybould

“Just want to say a massive thank you to Tracey for helping get the confidence to pass my test, she is amazing. Always giving you that push to be your best.”
Janita Gilbert

“I passed my test with Tony from Jennifer’s driving school. I have had a few instructors in the past and he was by far the most patient and relaxed, never making a big deal out of any mistakes I made. He helped to give me confidence in my driving ability and we had a good laugh along the way. Would definitely recommend :)”
Jodie Simmons

“I finally passed with Tony from Jennifer’s Driving School, having had a few different instructors before now. If you’re somebody who stresses about learning to drive, I would wholeheartedly recommend him, as the atmosphere was fun and relaxed, whilst giving me all the skills and knowledge I needed to pass FIRST TIME with only one minor. Expect banter. Thanks Tony!”
Katharine Harvey

“Thanks to Tony! Passed my driving test. He is really supportive and calm. He Is very knowledgable and puts humour into everything which makes the learning experience fun!”
Elizabeth Rajan

“I was determined to get driving but didn’t have the confidence to get behind the wheel. From the very beginning Sally was so patience, friendly and informative; she also gave excellent feedback. Every lesson left me feeling excited about my next one and I knew I was in safe hands. I can’t thank Sally enough for her support and excellent teaching and I passed first time!! Thank you so much Sally! You’re awesome!”
Emma Foulds

“I had a month before my theory ran out….so I booked my test then contacted Jennifer’s!!! Probably not the best way to do it, but Tom got in touch. He wasn’t phased at all. We did 12 hours of lessons in 4 days…. could have been stressful but he put me completely at ease and on the 3rd October I passed my test! Thank you so much Tom, for the confidence you gave me and the pride of being able to tell my children that I did get my licence before I hit 50. I would recommend you to anyone with question.”
Marion Masters

“I would just like to say a massive thank you to Jonathan for teaching me how to drive! He has been so patient and supporting. Passed today with 7 minors, couldn’t be happier – amazing teacher and great personality!!!”
Sarah Mowlem

“I Passed first time with Tony!!! He’s knowledge of the road laws and driving experience was great and he gave me enough confidence to feel comfortable on my test. I’d recommended using Jennifer’s driving school and Tony if you can as he’s in high demand.”
Aaron White

“Great driving school past first time with them after only 5 hours of learning. Would like to say very much to tony for helping me he’s been a great help for me I would highly recommend this school to everyone”
Ollie Chapman

“Hi I passed my test today first time all thanks to Dave a great instructor always gave great advice”
Daniel Leigh

“I had a great experience with Jennifer’s. Jonathon was patient, calm and kind. No question was considered too stupid and my confidence grew and grew every lesson. It was worth every penny and I’ll be telling all my friends and colleagues where to come for lessons. I even told the waitress in Zizzi at my celebration meal too!! Thanks for everything!!”
Rachel Crooks

“My Review is so late! Apologies! however, I still want to take this opportunity to thank Dave for being a cool driving instructor! I’ve had many driving instructors in the past and I have failed every single time I took a test!! I was so very happy when I passed my test with Dave! Seriously he is super chilled and I am such a nervous driver anyways!! he will totally make you feel comfortable! I am so happy that I can drive now!!! Thank you so much Dave! you did an awesome Job!! -Viv”
Viv Mendoza

“Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Tony for helping me learn to drive! I was really nervous when I first started learning, but Tony’s sense of humour and calm approach set me at ease very quickly. Every lesson was different and the variety helped me to feel confident and prepared during my test and on the road in general. It’s been a lot of fun chatting about music, from awful 80s rap to heavy metal! I’ve had a great time learning to drive with Tony, thank you!!”

“Thank you to Tony for getting my son Sam through his driving test after a week’s intensive tuition. His confidence in my son’s driving and air of friendly authority were just what was needed – Sam is thrilled! We would recommend Tony whole-heartedly.”
Sam Philips’s Mum!

“Could you please pass on my thanks to Tony for helping me pass my test first time today 🙂 He is an excellent instructor and a great bloke too. His calm approach and great sense of humour helped me to learn in a way that was comfortable for me, and I always looked forward to my lessons. Thanks again Tony!!!”
Lee Parrack

“A massive thank you to Tracey who helped me pass my test first time in June! After having lessons on and off for 5 years with various people and extreme anxiety with driving, she helped me find my confidence. She is extremely patient and kind and I am so thankful that she helped me conquer a fear I never thought I would. Thanks Tracey! x”
‎Yasmin Kerslake‎

“U just want to say a HUGE thank you to Sally! I have been driving with her since March and today I passed my driving test (first time). Sally is an incredible instructor, she is very patient and makes you feel comfortable even if you are not the most confident learner. Her experience and attention to detail is second to none and she does not only teach you how to drive but she teaches you to anticipate situations and other driver`s actions. She is very friendly and has great sense of humor which made my lessons more fun. I was on her waiting list for couple of months but it was totally worth it! Thank you SO MUCH Sally! You will be missed.”
Anna Beck

“Ive been driving with another instructor for a Year and failed 3 times to be let down by him on the 4th attempt. I’ve been driving with Tony for 2 lessons and passed. Legend!”
Jake Wright

“I am so happy to have passed my driving test first with only 2 minors ! Tony has taught me well, given me the confidence and patience I needed . As a doctor at the hospital Tony worked around my shift work to squeeze in lessons which was much appreciated. He’s a great teacher i looked forward to my lessons and feel that I learnt loads every time. He made me feel at ease and squashed my bad habits quickly. See you on the road! Dr Luizee Buchan.”
Doctor Buchan

“Passed my test first time. Tony was fantastic start to finish, doesn’t waste any time and defiantly gets the best out of you. Highly recommended driving school and instructor!”
Amie Stinchcombe

“Great experience with Dave at Jennifer’s Driving school. I am much more confident and ready for the roads than before! Every lesson was enjoyable, friendly, and felt as though I was in safe hands. No complaints at all. I would highly recommend. Thanks again!”
John Baxter

“I was in desperate need of an instructor as my usual guy was in hospital and I had a test booked for a weeks time.  I seriously lacked confidence and considered cancelling my test, then I found Dave, he was amazing!  He talked me through everything, went over things I’d not done with my old instructor and gave me the confidence I needed. I felt I learnt a lot from him in the short time he taught me and it made such a difference when it came to my test. I passed with 8 minors and am unbelievably happy. Thank you so much for your help Dave, I will definitely be recommending you to everyone! Vikki.”
Vikki Pearce

“I switched from two other driving schools and had Graham as my instructor. He was so calm and patient and found alternative ways to teach me things when I had difficulty understanding. He did his best to keep me calm and boost my confidence and I was lucky enough to pass first time!”
Mel, Bournemouth

“I passed my driving test today and wanted to say a massive thank you to Tracy for always believing in me and pushing me and being a great support couldn’t have done it without a fantastic teacher many thanks! Now I can have my baby without the stress or worries.”
Angela Broady

“Sally was my driving teacher from Jennifer’s Driving School and I have been taking driving lessons form her for 1 year. I just had my practical driving test and passed first time, thank you so much for your patience and teachings Sally. I now have skills I’ll never forget!”

“I passed first time with Dave. He’s taught me to be a confident driver not just confident enough to pass the test! And with plenty of laughs along the way I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. Thanks Dave.”
Jade Pollett

“Thank you so much Jonathan!! I would highly recommend you to everyone (I have already been passing your details around) thank you for being so patient with me and helping me to become a competent safe driver!! you pushed me when I needed it and listened to me when I did not feel confident or needed something explained. THANK YOU x x”
Hannah Armstrong

“Would like to say a big thanks to Tony for helping me pass my driving test today!.. Having the sense of humour that he does really put me at ease and made me feel very confident whilst driving.”
Kaine Ellis

“Passed my test today and I couldn’t be happier!! I came over to Jennifer’s after a bit of a bad experience with a previous instructor, and It was such a fantastic decision. Dave made me feel calm and welcome from day 1, and got me to the point where I felt complete confidence every time I got behind the wheel! Each lesson was fun, and Dave made me feel that even when something went wrong, it was a step in the right direction. I passed after only a few months!

I highly recommend Dave to anyone thinking of starting lessons! Thank you mate, it’s made my day!!”
Adam Burton

“Passed my test today with Dave, only one driving fault. Have absolutely loved learning to drive with him. Very clear instructions and a good laugh.”
Thomas Holzherr

“Passed both theory and practical first time thanks to Dave. After hearing horror stories of some instructors I made my decision carefully. And what a decision I made, Dave is friendly, calm, clear and is good fun. His lessons are relaxed and I passed within really good time all thanks to Dave. He doesn’t waste time being parked up at the side of the road, he never cancelled a lesson and was reliable and extremely good value due to the quality of his instructing. Most of all he’s just a genuinely nice guy. Many thanks Dave! – Rob”
Rob Filmer

“Thanks to Tom who was a fantastic instructor, always calm and patient and nothing was ever too much trouble. I passed first time and couldn’t be more pleased”
William Whatley

“I started learning to drive with Jennifers again after a particularly bad experience with a previous instructor. I had recently become a mum and decided it was time to get stuck in and try again! I decided to give automatic tuition a try and it was the best decision I could have made!! I learnt with Tracey and I can honestly say she was like a breath of fresh air! She made me feel comfortable, confident and like actually I could do this! Driving actually became enjoyable! I took my test in Poole today and passed 1st time!! I’m over the moon but couldn’t have done it without Tracey and Jennifers driving school!! Thank you so so much!! Laura x”
Laura Burridge

“I’d just like to say a huge thankyou to Sally for being so commited and pushing me to be the best driver I can be, which has clearly paid off as today I passed my test first time with only 3 minors!” 
Sadie White

“Would just like to say that i really enjoyed learning with tony from After having to change my instructor from another driving school, i passed first time (4 minors) with only 4.5hrs learning with tony. This was down to his calm and understanding approach, no matter what the situation. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Top bloke! Paul.”
Paul Cousins

“I passed my test this morning with only 2 minors. I really enjoyed learning to drive with Dave, he is very easy to learn from and made everything clear. He never got stressed in any situation and I felt really prepared by the time of my test. I really feel after the lessons that I am a confident driver. Many thanks. Jack.”
Jack Newman

“I recently passed my test with tom and i cant thank him enough for guiding me to my license. very friendly and patient guy and I 100% recommend him to anyone looking for an instructor! Thank you tom!”
Sheridan Hylton, Bournemouth

“I recently passed my driving test first time with the wonderful Sally, who was so patient and calming throughout my whole driving experience! I thoroughly recommend Jennifer’s Driving School to anyone looking to pass their test. Thank you so much to Sally for helping me to pass!”
Erin-Mae Connor, Bournemouth

“Passed with tony! From start to finish was 9 weeks! Tony pushed me to make sure I could reach my full potential! Absolutely amazing driving instructor, would recommend him to anyone! I passed a year and a half ago, and just forgot to leave a review, but I can still remember our lessons and he was so supportive and amazing!”

“I passed my driving test today with Tracey! Her methods and techniques are very easy to understand. Tracey is a great instructor and person.very calm and patient. THANK YOU TRACEY!!”
Amina, Bournemouth

“I recently passed my driving test thanks to Sally. Sally is a fantastic instructor (and person) – I had no confidence and struggled with nerves and anxiety and driving was a big deal to me. Sally put me at ease from our first lesson and was calm, patient, lovely and completely changed the way I felt about driving. Sally helped me in loads of ways and I want to say a huge thank you!! Gem” 
Gem Walsh

“Passed first time, thanks to Tony – the best driving instructor ever. Will be recommending him to everyone I know! Thank you for telling me I could do it even though I was a nervous wreck before hand!”
Kelly Attenberger

“I passed 2nd time round. My instructor Tony was AMAZING. Would recommend Jennifer’s Driving School. They don’t waste your time and you get your money’s worth.”
Chantelle Pfupa

“I passed my test first time and just want to say thanks to Tony! I really enjoyed learning to drive and he explained things clearly and was very encouraging in the run up to the test. Thanks for all the lessons would highly recommend!”
Lucy, Bournemouth

“Hey I just wanted to say thank you for being such an amazing instructor and especially for being so laid back, calm and patient with me! I still can’t believe I passed! I don’t know what I’m gonna do with my Monday mornings now!”
Kristina, Bournemouth

“Big thank you to my amazing instructor Tony for his never ending patience and encouragement. Highly recommend”
Monika Knut

“Just want to say a massive thank you to Tony! Thanks to Tony’s patient and calm teaching technique I passed my test today. If you’re looking for a driving instructor who really takes the time to figure out the best way to teach you to drive in a relaxed environment then I really can’t recommend Tony highly enough. Thanks for all the lessons and being a great driving instructor.”
Mathew Brewer, Bournemouth

“Tony is an amazing instructor I couldn’t of asked for anyone better he made the lessons feel very relaxed with his good sense of humour he helped me pass my test first time and was so encouraging to get me to book my test telling me I would pass when I didn’t believe it myself. I’m so glad I had him as my instructor thank you so much Tony.”
Melanie Dewey

“I have just passed my driving test first time and all thanks to Tracey. I struggle with anxiety and Tracey not only taught me how to drive, but also built my own confidence up and put an end to my own self doubt. Tracey also made every lesson relaxed and explained and taught all aspects of driving so well that the once self doubter passed first time. Thank you Tracey. Forever grateful.”
Natalie Fitzgerald‎

“Just want to say a huge thank you to Tony for helping me pass with only 2 minors! I’ve had other instructors before and Tony is by far the best instructor I could’ve ask for. He’s patient, supportive and creates a fantastic environment for learning. He is also easy going and has a great sense of humor meaning every lesson was fun and relaxed. Knowing that I have an analytical mind, he gave me lots of explanations and tips which helped me understand more about the car and be a better driver. Would definitely recommend Tony to anyone. Thank you for making the lessons so enjoyable and being an amazing instructor!!”
Charlotte Lee, Bournemouth

“5 Stars is not enough for this review. I would give it 50 if i can. I had Tom as my instructor and i couldnt have been paired with anyone better. He was perfect. Helped me build my confidence and pass my test first time. Amazing :). Massive thanks to Tom. I had 2 instructors prior to choosing Jennifers driving school and being paired with Tom. Best choice i ever made. He is calm, friendly, patient, and makes it simple. Thank you :)”
Amiee Alicia

“Hi Jennifer this is my review for Tracey: On my last couple driving tests I made silly mistakes, but today I made my day I tought I couldn’t done it without the lovely Tracey’s help. Tracey is a very kind and caring driving instructor, her techiques are very useful to help me during at my lessons. Thanks for everything Tracey you’re really the best and happy new year to you.All my love Alex”

“I’d like to say a MASSIVE thank you to Tony! He helped me pass with flying colours just before Christmas! It was the best Christmas present ever! He is an amazing instructor and I would highly recommend him to anyone thinking of learning to drive.”
Rachel Holroyde, Bournemouth

“I  passed my test first time today! Thank you Jonathan for being a fantastic teacher! I started off as a very anxious driver, you made the lessons fun and relaxed, and my confidence on the road grew quickly 😀 Thank you!!!!” 
Becky Smale, Bournemouth

“I’m so happy to have passed first time! Tony, you were brilliant thank you so much for all your time and tips! Toni S. xx”
Toni Sheppard, Bournemouth

“I can confirm that based on my experience with Tracey that she is one of the best driving instructors in Poole & Bournemouth & probably Dorset! Tracey is very patient, she allows you to go at your own pace and is never condescending. My confidence has grown. I had 2 other driving instructors before Tracey & they were not very patient or as professional as her. One of the instructors had the audacity to shout at me! Tracey is easy going & a fantastic instructor. That is one of the reasons I passed my test first time with her! I would recommend Tracey to all my friends. Thank you so much Tracey, you have given me my confidence & independence. No more waiting for the bus which only runs every hour! This testimonial is based on my true experience. Yours sincerely, Evangieline.” (Vangie).
Evangieline Parker.

“Graham is a great teacher. He has so many tips to really make you understand what you are doing and to make it fun to drive. I learnt more with him in 4hrs than I did in 50hrs with a previous instructor.”
Farrah Geddes, Bournemouth

“I would just like to thank Tracey for all the help and guidance she’s given me. I couldn’t of asked for a better teacher. She’s calm, friendly and a great person. I would definitely recommend Tracey and Jennifers Driving School to any new driver.”
Becky, Bournemouth

“Massive thank you to Tom who has been the best instructor I could have asked for! He was so patient with me and helped me all the way, I’ve just passed my test first time with 4 minors and couldn’t be happier!!!! Thank you for everything, Marie.”

“I learnt to drive with Sally and passed 1st time a couple of weeks ago with 3 minors and really positive feedback from the driving tester. I was a really nervous driver from a bad experience with a previous instructor and Sally was so calm and reassuring. Passing my test has really changed mine and my son’s life and I am so grateful for Sally’s brilliant instruction. Thoroughly recommend Sally and Jennifer’s driving school to anyone looking to take lessons. Louise :)”

“I passed with Tony after 3 bad instructors and 2 failed tests. Absolutely fantastic instructor, calm and collective. Always very professional. Would definitely recommend him and Jennifer’s to a friend!!”
Hannah Gradwell-Smith

“Passed today 26/10/2015 with Nick Groves with only 4 minors. I would just like to say a massive thankyou to Nick as he is an A grade instructor and would recommend him to anybody. Thanks again Nick, Darren.” 
Darren, Bournemouth

“I phoned Jennifers Driving school after two previous instructors and 2 failed tests, my last instructor was very pushy and i found i was an anxious mess when driving and needed an instructor that was calm and patient to help put me at ease. I started lessons with Nick 3 weeks before my 3rd test and within just one lesson he made me feel so comfortable with my driving and with that I felt alot more confident, this continued and my confidence soared over the following 3 weeks, he helped me with my problem area of roundabouts to avoid me panicking and explained it all in a way that was easily understood and made me feel so at ease, by the end of the 3 weeks I looked forward to having lessons and driving didnt faze me at all almost 2nd nature to me, I went for my test and PASSED 🙂 . . thanks to all Nick’s helpful techniques of relaxed driving, his patient, calm personality and that he explained things in a way that was easily understood it all helped me no end i cant thank you enough and i would recommend to anybody taking lessons especially those who are anxious 🙂
Hayley Scrivens

“Thank you to my wonderful, lovely, lively, calm and professional driving instructor Tracy !!! Today I passed my test thanks to you. You made me to believe in myself and you tough me well. I had so much fun with you in a car and always looked forward to our lessons. I could not have wished for a better person to teach me. Thank you for being patient and for putting up with me breaking hard (I promise to improve) Love you always. Tanya Gray xxxxxx”
Tanya Gray, Bournemouth

“I passed my driving test today with Tony. I would like to say a BIG thank you for his patience, guidance. sense of humour and friendship. He made learning a joy. I will recommend him to anyone wanting to learn in the future.” 
Pauline Wakefield, Bournemouth

“would like to say a very big thank you to my driving instructor, Tony, for his calm and professional attitude whilst instructing me and for his complete and utter faith in me on passing my test which i did on my first try and i highly recommend Tony to any prospective (& nervous) learner. Thank you very much Tony!!!!”
Justina Little

“Thank you Tony for being an awesome teacher. Your sense of humour is second to none and made the driving lessons fun and enjoyable. Passed my test after second attempt.” 
Christina Raine-Dondo

“I’m just writing to give some feedback about Jonathan. Your pick was absolutely spot on!

I have never had such an amazing driving instructor before, he increased my driving confidence tenfold with just one 1 hour lesson. I’m simply blown away by how great he is and thank you very much for choosing him for me. I feel really positive and determined to pass my exam and couldn’t think of a better instructor to guide me through my learning journey.Thanks again for your help. I’ll be seeing Jonathan for more lessons very soon! :)”

“Tom was an amazing instructor after trying with a few others he took the time and had the patience to help me to learn to drive, 100% committed to the cause and I would recommend him to anyone looking to learn to drive! Again, thank you Tom!”
Jack Roberts

“I just wanted to say a HUGE Thank you to Graham, I started driving with him in Feb and was very nervous, he has been patient friendly and I could not recommend him any higher!!! great instructor, great lessons and passed FIRST time with him today so thanks Graham 🙂 x”

“Just wanted to say a big thanks to Tony, he was an amazing teacher I Would recommend him to anyone, I past 1st time with only 3 minors!! Definitely owe it to him for being so patient with me I could not have done it without him :-)”
Demi Head

“I want to say a huge thank you to Tony for his patience, instruction, belief and humour. I was a nervous learner before him and he made driving enjoyable and boosted my confidence behind the wheel greatly. And mostly he kept me smiling and calm in times when I felt stressed and I noticed an improvement each lesson. I passed first time and still hear him now when I drive! Thanks Tony!”
Hayley Ciepkiewicz

“I just wanted to let u know how lovely, patient and kind your driving instructor sally is. I passed my test with her a few ago after learning for many years and not being that cobfident on the road. I never thought in a nillion years I would be a driver!..and its thanks to Sally! Her teaching ability is second to none. She has changed mine and my boys lives massively.”
Sarah Nunn

“I learnt to drive with Tony, and I honestly believe I passed so quickly because of his instruction. He was so patient with me from the start, but still made sure I was constantly pushing myself so that when it came to the test I was fully prepared. He taught me how to drive, not how to pass a test, and I’m really grateful for that. Thanks Tony, I’m so happy to have passed but it does feel like the end of an era!!!”
Amy Ratcliffe, Bournemouth

“As a car passenger I was an absolute nervous wreck let alone driving myself. When I first started learning how to drive 7 years ago I gave up as I seriously lacked confidence and didn’t believe it myself. I then plucked up the courage 5 years ago to try again. I kept telling myself I was being silly but again the nerves and lack of confidence got the better of me. I moved to Bournemouth 3 years ago as I was doing my degree at the university. I decided I have to try again so I did. Tracey phoned me up before my first lesson and I thought I have to be honest, I told her everything, I was involved in a serious car accident as a child and this was all I could think about. Straight away she had me behind the wheel and after that 1st hour I was still nervous but I felt at ease. Tracey was absolutely wonderful with me. So patient and kind and she believed in me which no one else did. She has made me such a confident person not only in my driving but throughout my final year of university, through exams and I will continue to have the confidence for the rest of my life. I used to put myself down and she always said to me “I hate to say it but I told you so, you have to believe in yourself” and I do! I don’t think I can say thank you enough but thank you for giving me a new lease of life and thank you for making me believe in myself X”
Kaiya Childs

“Tom, many thanks for all your help and patience in getting Cara up to speed (so to speak) and through her test. Cara suffers from a degree of anxiety and I know that her result today is even more important than just a license to drive. It’s a milestone for all kids but especially for Cara with her support network so far away. Many, many thanks.”
Gavin & Joan Scott.

“I had my lessons with Tom and i could have no have asked for a better instructor. Great at communicating the necessary information to his pupils and has a distinct care for his pupils. Thank you tom and i would definitely recommend him to anyone that wants to pass on their first try.”
Mohammed ‘Mo’, Bournemouth

“I have been with your driving instructor Tom and today I finally passed my test with only 2 minors!! He is a fantastic instructor and as happy as today has been it’s also sad that I won’t be having lessons with him again. Would highly recommend him to anyone that would like to start driving. Thank you.”

“I just wanted to drop you a line to say that I passed my automatic driving test today with Tracey on my first attempt with 7 minors. Tracey has been a brilliant instructor, very calm and friendly which helped to put me at ease, she helped me to believe in myself and also gave easy to follow instructions. I honestly don’t think I could have passed without her. I will be recommending her to everyone that I know who wants to learn. I am genuinely going to miss not seeing her every week as she made the lessons fun and they were something to look forward too. Thanks Tracey – you were a legend!!”
Leeanne Dove

“Thank you so much Jonathon for getting me through on the second attempt with 2 minors, a pleasure to learn with and a great laugh. Highly recommendable!!”
Kelly Bailey

“I am writing to say how excited I am to have passed my driving test yesterday–and to thank Tony! I was looking for a calm, patient, experienced driving instructor, and I got that and more in Tony. Though I’ve held an American license for a long time, I needed help learning to drive a manual car and to maneuver around all these roundabouts. Tony was able to understand my learning style and carried out the lessons accordingly. He especially helped me work through my nerves the day of the test. I would recommend Tony’s great instruction to any new driver.”

“Hi Jennifer. I passed my driving test today with Graham and just wanted to say what a brilliant instructor he is. I was a nervous driver with no confidence before I started learning with him but now I enjoy driving and feel confident. I’d highly recommend him to anyone learning, especially less confident drivers. Thanks Graham!”
Leigh Ebden

“I passed my test first time today with Graham as my instructor. Gotta tell ya he was always amazing. Even the disaster of a lesson before my test didn’t stop him encouraging and being positive about the whole thing. Would really really encourage anyone thinking of learning how to drive to get with this school. All I can say is Graham thank you so so much for helping me and teaching me to not only drive but do it with confidence. In a nutshell your flippin awesome and I couldn’t have done it without ya x”
Leanne Pilkington, Bournemouth

“I had a couple of lessons from him as I hadn’t drove in a few years and was due to hire a car at a London airport for a couple of days and wanted a refresher. He installed confidence in me; and I didn’t have any issues when driving around on my planned recreational trip, and returned my brand new hire car in perfect condition! Many thanks.”
Stewart Davidson

“On 11th march, I passed first time, thanks to Tony!!! I really couldn’t of done it without you (obviously). But thank you so much, you’re a really great friend and a brilliant instructor and I really enjoyed learning from you. You’re a great laugh despite your hard exterior. Again thanks a million.”
Shannon Louise Spooner, Bournemouth

“Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Tony. He’s a fab instructor!! Wouldn’t have been able to do it without him. Thank you thank you thank you Tony!! I will definitely recommend Tony and Jennifer’s driving school.”
Linzi, Bournemouth

“I’d like to say a massive thank-you to Graham for getting me through my driving test the other day! I have unfortunately had a bad past with driving instructors from other schools and it really set me back and shattered my confidence when it came to both driving and taking my test.

Graham was unlike no other previous instructor I have had, he was a positive and calming influence when driving the car. Always willing to give you help and constructive criticism to ensure you were driving to your best.  Thanks for all your hard-work and persistence with me and finally getting me to the point of passing my test I can’t tell you enough how thankful and happy I am to be in this position!”  
Amber O’Sullivan passed 23rd February 2015

I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to Graham for helping me to pass my driving test today! Graham has helped me to grow in confidence and believed that I could pass, even when I didn’t. Graham has shown never ending patience and kindness and I will always remember him… No driving instructor horror stories here! He really is the best!

Also a huge Thanks to Tracey who pushed me to give Manual driving a go even though I didn’t think I’d be able to cope. Thank yo both for believing in me.
Sophie Pozzetti, Bournemouth

Just want to say a massive thank you to TONY for teaching me in a short amount of time for my test which I successfully passed today Smiling face with smiling eyes Tony was my 3rd instructor and I thought I’d never pass but felt so comfortable with him, it’s amazing how simple and easy he made things and how less complicated everything was. A big thank you to you Smiling face with smiling eyes
Emma, Bournemouth

I would just like to say a massive thank you to Jennifer’s school of driving for giving me tony as an instructor, he is an amazing man, fun, comical but all in all an excellent teacher. Words can not express how much he made me confident when I was learning he put me at ease and praised me for everything. I could not of passed my test with out you. Thanks for everything you have done for me Tony. Kind regards and best wishes Bernie xxx
Bernie, Bournemouth

I just want to say a massive thank you to Graham for helping me to pass in such a short amount of time – he was so calm all the time which helped my nerves so much! He is a great teacher and really helped me to build up my confidence and progress at such a fast rate and I would definitely recommend him! Thank you!

Huge thank you to Graham for your patience and support during my recent refresher lessons.I would highly recommend him to everyone who need build the confidence to drive.
Agnes, Bournemouth

“I would like to say a HUGE great BIG thank you to Graham!! Thanks to him I passed my driving test first time on 22/10/2014 and have not looked back! He helped me believe in myself, was kind and patient and built my confidence up! What can a say “a credit to Jennifer’s Driving School”. Graham was my 3rd instructor after I had been let down by previous instructors and honestly feel he taught me how to drive! Since passing I have travelled over 600 miles and the feeling of freedom is amazing! Couldn’t of done it without you Graham! I will recommend you and Jennifer’s Driving School to anyone I know looking for instructors! Thanks again x”

“Hi Sally. Just want to say a huge thank-you for everything you’ve helped me with to pass my test today. I really enjoyed my time learning with you. You’re a patient calm instructor, I will recommend you to everyone, and Jennifer should be proud having a professional person like you in her team also because you teach people how to be a safe driver in their lives rather than show them how to drive just to pass their test. Many thanks again. Touria.”

“I passed my driving test today. This was my first attempt and I would like to give the credit to my wonderful driving instructor Graham! He has been very patient with me. He also helped me calm down on my driving test day. I would highly recommend Graham!”
Sangeeta Banerjee

“I am thrilled to have passed my test today with Sally .I would just like to say

a massive thank you to driving instructor Sally for getting me through my test and i will be recommending you to everyone i know, your patience was well

appreciated….Thank you SALLY ….Thank you Jennifer’s driving school….!”
Nermin Alisa

“Thank you! And I really have to say thank you to Jonathan, I couldn’t have passed without him!”
Olivia Elkins, Bournemouth

“I passed my driving test yesterday with Jonathan, and I only got one minor!! I did an intensive driving course with him and I’d just like to say how amazingly supportive he was throughout. He fit all my lessons in at pretty short notice which was great. At the beginning I was breaking with my left foot (oops!), I can’t believe I’ve come this far in such a short space of time! Jonathan is an amazing teacher and although I was extremely nervous to begin with he really helped me to build on my confidence and progress to become a safe and competent driver. I will definitely be recommending Jennifer’s driving school, thank you so much!!” 
Zoe Martin, Bournemouth

“Graham, just wanted to say a huge thank you for your endless patience and support during my recent refresher lessons. You are a fantastic teacher and have given me the confidence to drive again after more than 10 years!! Thank you!!”
Nicola, Parkstone

“Just want to tell you I have been having refresher lessons with Tracey. Tracey is very good at teaching and very patient with me as I have no confidence. Thankyou for asking her to help me drive. I am a big challenge for Tracey but she is so kind and patient with me. Thankyou so much for letting her teach me.”
Diana, Bournemouth

“Hi there just wanted to put in a good word for Tony who passed me last month. He was really good and patient with me and helped me out a lot to get my licence sorted and I would suggest him and the company to anyone in the Bournemouth area. Cheers.” 
Anthony O’Connor, Bournemouth

“Just wanted to say a big thank you to Graham for helping me pass my test on 31st July!! He is a great instructor, has some good techniques and I really enjoyed driving with him! Highly recommended! Thanks Graham :D”
Zahra, Bournemouth

“Just wanted to say what a wonderful teacher Jonathan was. I just passed after my fifth test and was so nervous but Jonathan was very supportive, a pleasure to have lessons with.

Thank you so much!”
Harriet Stanton

“Thank you so much for being an excellent teacher, calm and considerate! Your sense of humour put me at ease and helped build my confidence, which has been paramount to me reaching a safe standard. I would definitely recommend Tony to anyone thinking of learning to drive, kind regards, Marte. And a big thank you to Jennifer’s for giving me Tony.”
Marte, Bournemouth

“And back to my driving lessons!! My confidence massively grows with every lesson I take with Jennifer’s Driving School” x Lena Neroda

“I want to say a huge thank you to Nick for his endless patience and fantastic sense of humour.The best instructor ever!!! I passed first time after starting and stopping driving lessons for the past 30 years. Nick, you are indeed a Jedi Master!!
Love from your most nervous pupil.
Debbie. X”

“I had a few previous instructors before Tracey but just never seemed to drive consistently well. After failing previous tests, I was loosing faith. Tracey’s methodical techniques were easy to understand and apply. As a life coach and hypnotherapist she definitely improved my self confidence behind the wheel and for the first time I began to enjoy driving. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough as a driving instructor.” 
Jessica Pearson.
Automatic driving lessons Bournemouth

“I recently took my driving test with one of your driving instructors Jonathon & passed with only 5 minors. After having two other driving instructors & paying for more lessons than can remember I wanted to say a massive thank you. Especially to Jonathon & his patience. Accomplishing my driving test is something I never thought I was able to do. It will open so many doors & really help me as an individual. I am 1 of 6 & the only one yet gone all the way in getting my license. I will be recommending my family to use your driving school. Again a massive thank you from the Faccini family, hoping you have a Merry Xmas & great New Year.”
Luke Faccini 

“Hi Jennifer, just passed my test today! Thanks to one of your drivers Jonathan. What a top guy, could not have asked for a better instructor. You are very lucky to have him in your team. He’s that awesome i think you should buy him a gingerbread latte from Costa. He well deserves it. Over & out. Cheers Adam Morley.”
Driving lessons Poole

“Dear Jen! Thanks for all the help last week! You are by far the worlds greatest driving instructor! Every time I go for the indicator.. ill be thinking of your words..- “Mirrors before signal Rob” 🙂 
Hope this message reaches you in good health Jen.” 
Robert Bromley

“Just a quick email to say thanks so much for everything, I can’t believe how much I learnt in such a short space of time, compared to my last instructor! I wish I had come to your first.”

“I wish we had gone with you first, Tom said he had a good lesson. I was with a girl today who you taught, she works in 14 in Ringwood, she was speaking of you very highly.”
Tom’s Mum!

“Oh my GOD! I still cannot believe I passed first time! I was a nervous wreck and you really calmed me down and made me believe in myself. I will miss you and our lessons! Please keep in touch x”

Driving lessons Ferndown

“I thought all instructors were 50 year old fat, bald men, then I met you! You have an answer to everything, you know everything about driving!! Thanks again for always dropping me to work and picking me up from College. I’ll miss our manoeuvre practice! Now I can reverse park anywhere though! Thanks x”

Driving instructor Christchurch

“I never thought I’d find a friend in a driving instructor! I thought I’d dread lessons but when I started and met you I was looking forward to them! We had a laugh on our lessons and now I have nothing to do on Tuesday afternoons! Do you do Pass Plus?”

Driving instructor Southbourne

“Thanks for always being on time and not minding me changing lesson times at short notice! My sister wants to start soon and I won’t have her going with anyone else except you!”

Bournemouth Driving Lessons

“I’m almost gutted that I passed first time as I will miss the lessons! I hope you liked my gift and I will recommend you to everyone, you’ve been amazing!”

“Never once did you snap at me or get angry, my last instructor was always making comments and tutting. Even when I did something really bad you would never get cross. Thanks for that, I won’t forget my driving instructor and I feel I’m safer on the road now than if I’d stayed with my first one. xx”
Driving lessons Poole

“Thanks for letting me do lessons in my car. I feel I have benefited from it. I feel a lot more confident driving on my own that I ever though I would. Thanks for all your encouragement. I still here your words in my mind when I’m doing things!”
Driving lessons Poole

“My family are in shock that I passed with 1 FAULT!!! None of my friends achieved this, and they’re usually more confident than me!! Thanks for not lecturing me but talking to me in a nice way on the lessons.”
Driving lessons Poole

“Once again, thank you sooooooooooo much. You have literally saved my life. God bless you :D”
Driving lessons Sleaford

“Learning to drive with Andy was a great pleasure. He is a very experienced and friendly driving instructor. I would recommend Andy to anyone who is looking to pass their test first time. Andy was always reassuring me and helped boost my confidence. I can’t thank him enough for helping me pass – with only ONE minor!”
Bournemouth Driving Lessons

“I learnt how to drive using Jennifer’s Driving school with Steven Milligan, I have now been driving 3 years almost eep!!! Thanks Stephen for giving me more independence :)”
Kelly Jennison
Bournemouth Driving Lessons